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Welcome to ELMAC Industrial Cleaning Services Pty Ltd

Are you ELMAC clean? ELMAC Industrial Cleaners is an industry leader in all commercial and industrial cleaning requirements for kitchens, kitchen exhausts and associated extraction and closed duct systems requiring full compliance certification and highest of standard cleaning maintenance. We are proud to be associated with most of South Australia and Northern Territory's leading commercial and industrial kitchens, where cleaning behind the scene is just as important as the cleanliness of the dining room or quality of food served.

Having the name ELMAC associated with the highest standard of clean environments for food preparation and cooking goes beyond the 25+ years of experience or the latest technologies and procedures, it is dedication to reputation that only comes through a passion to provide a service above the standards of all others. So, next time you think clean - think ELMAC clean, and contact us to expereince a company who truly clean behind the scene.

  •   Commercial and industrial cleaners
  •   Full compliance certification
  •    Over 25 years of experience

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